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Beyond Strategy: Unleashing the Power of Your Business!

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

The term 'strategy' is ubiquitous. We strategize our business, sales, marketing, product development - heck, kids have elaborate strategies for how to ask a date to prom these days. So, what does it TRULY entail when a business consultant proclaims, “I can reenergize your business with a dynamic strategy”? It signifies visualizing the future of your business and dissecting that vision into attainable segments that activate that FUTURE.

Every successful enterprise, whether a start-up or a seasoned business operating for 75 years, experiences a strategic cycle. This cycle is divided into three main parts:

  1. The long-haul vision (7-10 year horizon)

  2. The mid-term strategy (3-5 year horizon)

  3. The GSD activation plan (1 year or less) – Yes it is exactly what you think it is "Get S**t Done and it is focused on what is most important right now.

Consider Evergreen Strategic Consulting, with a long-haul vision to evolve into a top-tier boutique consulting firm in 10 years. Our extraordinary market reputation stems from our ability to help businesses break free from stagnation and stimulate continuous growth. Of course we have financial and growth objectives too, but this vision, is energizing and frankly slightly scary. In fact if viewed in isolation, the future vision can seem daunting and that's how we know it's just right for 10 years. To alleviate getting overwhelmed looking out 10 years, we dissect our vision into a mid-term goal and a series of GSD activation plans.

Our mid-term goal steers us towards the 10-year horizon, offering a more attainable view of the future state of Evergreen and a shorter timeframe to build actions and measure success. However, the triumph of our vision lies in the hands of those crafting and activating the GSD plans.

Committing to a mid-term strategy should be thrilling, akin to embracing a new relationship or starting a family. The team and leadership must all CHOSE to be “ready” as it requires abandoning comfort zones and confronting uncertainty while recognizing the chosen direction's potential. Recognizing the future's unpredictability, the team must be prepared to “burn the boats” that lead back to old ways and courageously set sail for discovery - and that's when the first GSD plan will start to take shape.

The magic of creating the future vision, the mid-term strategy, and the GSD activation plan is almost impossible to do successfully by using the same knowledge, thinking, skills sets, and boring - ineffective annual planning cycles of the past. That's where we come in, we gain quick knowledge of your business and evaluate the current state against industry and business trends. From there we inject an objective, unemotional view of where you are and help you and your leadership team dream and acheive big change and growth in your business.

Are you a business owner who has tasted success but is now contemplating your business's look in 10 years, or even 3-5 years and unsure what is next? Are your partners or leadership team varied about where to invest to grow 10X or more? Or maybe your team hasn't fully committed to the goals of the next 3-5 years and need some activating what you know in your gut is right for the future? If these questions strike a chord, let's connect. We offer complimentary consultations and you can book one by clicking on the link or by going to our website at

We would be thrilled to help you navigate and create success for your business's FUTURE.

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